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Tomorrowland Brazil 2015

One of the toughest things I’ve found about moving to a far away country is being cut off from the music you know and enjoy. You don’t often hear familiar bands or sounds on the radio, in stores, or in bars for instance. These bands, for obvious reasons, are also hard to find touring in South America. Of course it’s great to be encouraged to listen to new kinds of music, local bands, and what Brazilians listen to, but you always have your favorites. Continue reading “Tomorrowland Brazil 2015”


São Paulo for keeps pt. 2

These first two weeks of couchsurfing our days were split between (and in order of priority, if you ask Kiernan 😉 watching football games at the FIFA fan fest or in bars, applying for work, finding a place to stay more permanently and even seeing some tourist sites in the city. Finding teaching jobs for both of us happened rather quickly, though it would take months for us to actually build a full schedule of students; we would teach 1- or 2-hour classes at the student’s workplace or home. Continue reading “São Paulo for keeps pt. 2”

São Paulo for keeps part 1

Our first two weeks in São Paulo, Brazil was a shock to the system for a number of reasons: we had just left a month of travelling (with great companions, no less) behind for a new country, new language and new vibe. This energy was one-third true to Brazil, one-third FIFA World Cup craze and one-third due to the sudden foreigner invasion; Brazil is not new to tourists (far from it!) but the city & people of São Paulo seemed surprised by others’ interest in their home turf. Continue reading “São Paulo for keeps part 1”

Ending our Road Trip in Asunción

After our exploits in the campo hopping world, we unfortunately had to head back to Asunción before spliting ways. We settled back down in our favorite house in Paraguay, . Ryan and Tom were flying back to Seattle, Richie and Andrea were getting back to work, and my bokkie and I had to decide where we wanted to stick around. Over the next few days we spent dozens of hours looking and emailing about teaching in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, or Brazil. Continue reading “Ending our Road Trip in Asunción”

Paraguay – Campo hopping part 2

Like we said at the end of the last post – we left our bigger backpacks safely stowed at the Hotel San Jose where we’d spent the night… and we were taking to the road. We were heading to Richie’s outpost, footing it until we could hitch a ride. When it rains the buses don’t use that road since it’s all dirt road (which turns into rust-red mud), and bridges are sometimes planks placed open a drop, wide enough for the wheels to find them. Continue reading “Paraguay – Campo hopping part 2”

Paraguay – Campo hopping part 1

Traveling through Paraguay was both a difficult and magical experience, for several overlapping reasons. By this point we had been told horror story upon horror story about worms, parasites, eye-burrowing bugs and a whole array of unwanted biological guests which were likely to accompany us after our journey into the campo, as unsuspecting hosts. 🙂 Continue reading “Paraguay – Campo hopping part 1”

Iguazu Falls – Chororo Yguasu aka the big waters

On our last day in Puerto Iguazu we finally got to see Iguazu Falls! After days of rain, and afternoons of getting tipsy and munchy, we finally got a nice, sunny day, climbed on the bus and spent most of the day at the falls. We talked about the Brazilian side of the falls, but I think about 80% of the falls are on the Argentinian side so we might as well stay there even though we were told in advance the Devil’s Throat was closed. Continue reading “Iguazu Falls – Chororo Yguasu aka the big waters”

Iguazu Falls – A Rainy week in Puerto Iguazu

The next stop on our journey was one that all four of us traveling vagabonds and two Peace Corps additions were looking forward to! Since we had parted ways with Richard & Andrea before entering Argentina, this was suggested as a great meetup point. We got a promotion with a bus line called Tigre Iguazu for 652 pesos, packed a snack and did an overnight. Upon arrival we realized, not only is it a tiny city, therefore easy to find missed friends, it is also a 10 minute bus-ride away from one of the most beautiful natural sights in the world! Continue reading “Iguazu Falls – A Rainy week in Puerto Iguazu”

Basking in Buenos Aires part Dos

By the grace of the travel bum gods, we actually found a CouchSurfing host that was interested in hosting all four of us. We met 50 year old Mario across town in the early afternoon outside his house. He led us down a narrow alley towards his cozy house, passing through his grilling patio, through a side door into a dining room. Continue reading “Basking in Buenos Aires part Dos”

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