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Photos from Japan, 2013

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In March 2013 we went to Tokyo for just over a weekend. We thought we would be traveling all over Japan with the bullet train (to see monkeys chilling out in the hot springs) and seeing cherry blossom trees blooming in Tokyo. Little did we know that bullet train tickets are super expensive and we would be spending most of our time navigating the subway. It was still a lot of fun and we saw some strange, awesome and intriguing things.

We did see cherry blossom trees in bloom and we saw the Imperial Palace from afar; mount Fuji was beautiful and mysterious and we had the most amazing, mouth-gasming dinner at the Ninja restaurant.

I guess our daily commute to downtown Tokyo was kinda our fault when booking the hotel, because we ended up staying quite a distance outside of the city center; however we had a nasty surprise the first night we were walking around downtown Tokyo to find that after 9pm no train stations or bus stations were open anymore and the only way to get back to our hotel was to pay a taxi driver an arm and two legs. So… we stayed in the city, hanging around an internet cafe until 5am the next morning when the buses started up again.


mt. Fuji we took tomas the train enginge to mt. fuji, no joke we took tomas the train enginge to mt. fuji, no joke Mt. Fuji

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