To whom it may concern… or not. This is a fun blog of our upcoming and onging travels, about which we are very excited :). We’ll update our latest adventures often to say what part of the world we’re in and where we’re planning on heading next. We will try to post as many pictures, videos, comments and anecdotes as possible, both for posterity’s sake and for the friends & family who are not always reachable via the tentacles of technology and time.

I don’t know if anyone cares, but we do often get asked how we met so here’s a quick history. Kiernan and Marelise met in Taiwan, at a Boat Burning festival when he rescued her from from a ridiculously stupid conversation that would make anyone’s brain cells cringe.  She’s from Pretoria, South Africa, a cute batman nerd, has 2 siblings, is very adventurous in the kitchen, and went to university for industrial psychology. I’m a navy/state department brat from the US and grew up in california, virginia, Ivory Coast, and finished high school in Botswana. I have 4 siblings, would love to live in a moss cottage one day, and went to university for International Business and Spanish.
We were both teaching english but in cities a few hours apart by train. And I knew a guy down in Kaohsiung, who was seeing one of my friends in Hsinchu so I found a way to invite myself down to hang out with “everyone”. We started dating shortly after which was lucky for Marelise as she didn’t know how to cook anything but instant noodles so I nursed her back to health and taught her how to cook basic dishes.
A few months later I got a call and had to leave to help out family in florida. I invited Marelise who came a few months later and we’ve been travelling since, by car, motorcycle, and foot across the USA , down South America, and now over to South Africa.