I’ve seen many old large trees in my time, but none have ever excited me as much as when people mention the Redwoods. I’ve been dying to go for years, and have been obsessing over videos and photos I kept noticing online. So it’s not an exaggeration at all when I say this was my most looked forward to destination during our road rip.

Super tall trees

Since our couchsurf host used to do trail maintenance in the redwoods, we asked him about what spots he would recommended. We trusted his advice and headed to the Humboldt Redwoods State Park rather than the national park to the north. Since we drove in after dusk the night before I was excited to drive south on the 101 also called the redwoods highway because I figured it would be an amazing scenic highway. It was gorgeous in the morning, huge forests around us we only rode south for about 45 minutes before we took an exit to get onto the Avenue of the Giants!

Avenue of the Giants

The moment we entered the Avenue of the Giants from the north entrance I knew we were in a magical, holy place. The air itself reverberated with good vibrations from the redwoods which lined the road like prehistoric giants. There was little traffic so we spent the next half hour driving slowly, taking in the sights, and weaving in and out of the most beautiful trees on earth.

Kiernan is very excited to be in the redwoods
Kiernan is very excited to be in the redwoods

We stopped first at Founder’s Grove to check out some of the information, some fallen giants, use the bathrooms, and figure out which road to take. Our host suggested the Bull Creek Flats area so we took a little one-car side road nearby and finally entered the largest grove in the area. It was easy enough to cross Eel river (even though the seasonal bridge hasn’t been put up yet), towards the giant tree which of course deserved its own plaque. Taller than most sequoia you’ll definitely get whiplash if you gaze overhead too often. We took the south trail across the river into the groves. It was a really well maintained trail and the groves were soooo gorgeous. We crawled among the redwoods in perfect silence, taking in the rays of sunshine, and the beauty of the groves. Of course photos say a thousand words and it’s hard to describe how magical a spot it was.

Greenery everywhere - moss, fern, vines...
Greenery everywhere – moss, fern, vines…

After hanging around for a while, exploring and reading by the river we headed out to highway 101 again. We grabbed a quick lunch at the organic place in downtown Eureka, and dropped some stuff off at our host’s place. I also really wanted to show Marelise a big of the Cascadia coastline up close before we hit Oregon so our host recommended Trinidad State Beach. Only 15 minutes north of Arcata, we got there right before sunset and ran down the steep trail to the beachfront. As I hoped it was a gorgeous beach and we sat admiring the landscape and lull of the waves eating fresh bread with goat cheese and chorizo slices. The sunset was breathtaking though quick, so we headed back to Arcata area to end the best day of the trip.

Kiernan says it looks like the movie set for Hook. :)
Kiernan says it looks like the movie set for Hook. πŸ™‚