After having our minds bent by the Grand Canyon, we were ready for a nice drive and a relaxed sundowner… We headed out for Sedona, what we were told is a cute valley town, and is just about 45min south of Flagstaff and the sunset there is supposed to be gorgeous. Once again, we drove through Coconino National Forest most of the way there; there are so many camping spots or campgrounds there, and for good reason: the forest is beautiful! It starts out relatively flat, then as you get in between the mountains, route 89A literally takes you down mountain switchbacks, until you’re almost on the valley floor with huge red buttes and rocky mountains all around. It was an awe-inspiring ride to do on the motorcycle – we are (or rather Kiernan is) focusing so hard on the road, trying to get us and the bike down the steep, winding road in one piece, then the trees open up in front of you and there are red mountain tops and rock monuments almost shining in the sunshine. Beautiful!

Heading into Sedona

We stopped in Sedona and had a stroll around; at first the little town looks really festive, creative and cozy, but we soon had the feeling that it’s kind of more of a theme-park-town, or resort town – lots of boutiques and expensive luxury shops. The walk up and down the main street was genuinely beautiful, with the mountains on all sides.
We searched in vain for a coffee shop or something with a nice view; coffee shops were closed by 6pm and the other mountainside restaurants were either fine dining or bistros. We ended up having drinks and a snack in a tavern, but on entering (and wanting to sit on a balcony or terrace overlooking the wonderful scenery) we realized in horror that they had walled off the best part of the view, with only windows to admire it through… What had possessed them? The beer was still good and the nachos super cheesy and tasty though. We drove back through the faeiry woodlands in the dark and I’m still glad we haven’t run into any deer on the road especially in those conditions.

Sedona City, AZ


Sedona at sunset