Our goal was to get up early and make it to Hawks Bill Crag, to hike to Whitaker Point, an hour south, for what pictures made to look like an awesome hike. Unfortunately it was a crappy dirt road that rose at an almost 40 degree angle for 6 miles to the trailhead so we abandoned that hope. With a lot of miles to crunch we headed towards Ozarks national park byway which was fantastic. Plenty of other bikers were out twisting, bobbing, weaving, and zooming down the hills and for the most part they’re very friendly and chatty. We got pretty high up before heading south to take the I-40 towards Oklahoma City. Man, the afternoon got rough – winds pushed us off the interstate completely. It wasn’t exactly like getting slapped in the face repeatedly, but rather like dancing with a volatile woman who twists and bobs, goes slack then jerks you to the side right as you let your guard down. On the other hand Arkansas isn’t as empty as I thought it was. There were seas of golden fields, unnatural greens, buffalo farms, minituare pony corrals, suicidally curious squirrels, and we even got dive bombed by a turkey.

We crossed down mainly on Route 66 towards Oklahoma City. Although it seemed like a great area, we’re definitely feeling the pressure of having so many places planned out that sometimes we’re a bit rushed to head west. We surfed with a nurse, Matthew, who was a great guy and was nice enough to make us a couple snacks and chat with us when we got in. So although we really really wanted to see a cattle auction downtown, it’s really important (we’re finding out) to try and start early because later in the day it gets windy, and chilly and the visibility isn’t great after sunset. So we set out around 10ish, mostly along the I-40 towards Texas!


PS We just left White Sands National Park this morning, where other bikers informed us that Oklahoma (or parts of it) has been having seriously windy days, bordering on tornadoes… And we thought tornado season isn’t for another month!