Our stop in Nashville, TN was very short but sweet. We got to our couchsurf host quite late in the afternoon (evening, actually) and set off again the next morning. Our host was awesome; she stayed up with us having tea & chocolate and shared some pics and travel stories from places we’re heading to soon. I’m not sure if her husband is really into couchsurfers, though, so he kind of kept his distance from us the whole time.

Memphis TN is a-ma-zing! 🙂 We got in soaked to the bone, but still went out for a couple of drinks with our hosts Kyle & Laura to a real Tennessee bar – the Blue Monkey. Not only was it karaoke night, they had the most ridiculous karaoke songs and singers breaking down the stage! I can’t seem to post the video – it was incredibly entertaining – guys twerking, and singing bizarre songs from rap to stage musicals.

Luckily we slept in a bit and had a lax day planned. Saw the Memphis pyramid which looks and sounds like an extraordinary waste, possibly being turned into a outdoors store?

Stadium turned Bass Pro shop
Stadium turned Bass Pro shop

Our hosts Kyle and Laura are pretty cool & fun to hang out with. Kyle is free this week on spring break since he’s teaching for Teach for America, and volunteered to show us around downtown. We went to the bank of the Mississippi and watched the fog roll in, got fried chicken 4 blocks from a world famous take out place (Gus fried chicken or something) where MLK was shot. We had a drink and strolled around downtown on Beale street, listening to live blues. Kyle took us to midtown where we sampled some great local beers at The Growler, stopped by Burke’s Bookstore (yay! books everywhere) where i convinced Marelise to get Neuromancer by William Gibson. We stopped to get coffee and snacks in a really awesome, creatively decorated cofee shop with deep couches, and trotted back in the rain to make dinner and wind down.

Mississipi River

Apparently world famous, but certainly very tasty!
Apparently world famous, but certainly very tasty!

PS Kiernan “forgot” to mention a cat shelter / adoption house we popped into as well – the omission is probably deliberate 😉 It’s called House of Mews; they have a cozy 2 room building and arm loads of cats! The owner picks up as many cats as she can house from the kill shelter and keeps them until she can find homes for them. The shelter is decked out with walking platforms all around the room, up the walls and down to couches & baskets.

Information stockpile
We drove TN-1 / Us-70 west, to Memphis
Gus’ world famous fried chicken
Craft beer at the Growler
House of Mews kitty kats