The last couple of days we spent one night in Roanoke and two days in Knoxville TN, couchsurfing in both cities and both cities have turned out to be places I wish we could have spent a little more time exploring! When we left Midlothian we got heavy rain and some snow, which made biking extremely cold and slow – we had to stop every half hour to unfreeze our fingers and toes! I honestly don’t know how Kiernan kept a grip on the handlebars… So getting to Roanoke hours later, we were so brain-dead-cold that all we could do the rest of the evening was get warm. We were staying with really awesome couchsurfers though, and they didn’t mind us not painting the town red with them 🙂

Caio put our African geography knowledge to absolute shame, and he shared so many stories about living in Brazil, it just made us all the more excited for that leg of our travels too. Our host, Angelica, was also really cool to talk to and from our conversation we gathered she does awesome work with refugees in Roanoke.

We’re on our last day in Knoxville right now, so more about that later… but we saw some beautiful little snow flurries all through the day.

Information stockpile
The US 460 road between Midlothian & Roanoke is brautiful.