Market Square is great and if it were warmer we would have spent much more time hanging out there and checking things out. We kinda copped out and sat down for soup at a Panera Bread and watched the snow flurry past the windows. And it was really nice to have some time to just read for a few hours, something we’ve been neglecting.

Its been really relaxing lately. We hardly are grumpy except about weather. I think finally starting the trip has evaporated any stress we had. With no job theres no responsibilities for the moment and its really easy to drift off into your thoughts, like mental word association, without that usual itch at the back of your head worrying what you have to do the next day.

Oh yeah also not used to really cold winters, never had bike problems in portland. But the bike wasnt starting so we were lucky to have tim and melissa who introduced me to starter fluid for the intake vent. They also had a battery jump starter which finally got it started, and we hit up a cycle gear shop to get me some more thermal liners. Their heated gloves were lacking, and the heated grips would have taken too long to install so i froze my fingertips all day.

Then… on to Nashville and beyond…