I know I’ve said this in most posts, but wow it’s cold right now! o.O It didn’t help that we took the looong way into Knoxville, and got there much later than we had hoped. We had to pull over every 30min to let Kiernan’s fingers defrost. The drive was really nice though – Tennessee is more hilly and mountainous than I expected, and having pulled in to Nashville today I saw many more rocky areas than in Virginia. The way the scenery changes slowly every day as we head into new areas is both gorgeous and surprising! Logically the US spans so much ground spatially and geographically, it only makes sense to see such diversity, but it’s not the first thing that springs to mind when I picture America 🙂

We spent two nights in Knoxville to wait out some snow, which I’m so happy about because it allowed us to get to know our couchsurfing hosts, Melissa and Tim, better and they are awesome! 🙂 Not only were they super accommodating and relaxed, they gave us really good suggestions about hanging out in Knoxville and they are fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. It turns out Melissa and I share a love of horses and horse riding, so she took me out to meet her horse, Angie, and we even got to go for a ride for over an hour!! How crazy and awesome to meet people travelling and couchsurfing that you never otherwise would have, to have so much in common, and to have the most amazing experiences with them.

Information stockpile
From Roanoke to Knoxville we drove US-11 and TN-1
On our list when we go through Knoxville: Time Warp Vintage tea room