Wow… the last two days were so relaxing 🙂 We took US route 1 (which we found out is a historic byway) most of the way between Raleigh NC and Midlothian VA; the road is lined with trees all the way, over and under low hills. The trees are all still winter-grey, but after living in evergreen Taiwan I learned to appreciate the autumn/winter colors. We passed many little towns in Virginia and without trying to sound patronizing, I think they’re really cute.

We stayed with Kiernan’s Nana in Midlothian and his sister & brother-in-law came to hang for a couple of days. Besides the fact that it was great taking a break from the road, we had an awesome time joking around, telling (or listening to) family stories and eating the most amazing food (thanks, you guys!)


We really can’t comment on Richmond since we stayed with my nana in midlothian but it was a really relaxing, calm two days. Poor Marelise was surrounded by my family and of course we spent half the time telling stories. We had some nice italian food, learnt a little family history like where distant relatives live in france and tazmania, and plenty about my dad and his siblings growing up. Shame we didnt make it up to Alana and Seth’s new place in Maryland, but I will next time that I’m in the area. If you read this I really appreciate you two coming down and that surprise cake for Marelise. It was also really good to see my uncle Mike and aunt Sasha and my two cousins I hadn’t seen in ages. They had really cool stories and videos from their recent trip to the Galapagos. Well, we headed west today, even hit some flurries but rode on into the rain and finally after 5 stops (so i could regain feeling in my fingers) we made it to Roanoke. Cold and tired we opted to cook some dinner instead of going out, but we will try harder to be more adventurous in Knoxville. This honestly really feels like a diary but Marelise is pushing me to contribute and hell why not. Sleeping on couches really isnt a bad way to travel. -kiernan

Kiernan and Nana Maurita Hogan

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We took the historic route US-1 to Virginia and most of the way to Midlothian