We are dry again 🙂 and warm. Yesterday we started out with wonderful sunshine and though we set out a bit later than planned, we were making really good headway on county highways. Right at the Florida-Georgia state line we underestimated some rain clouds and got soaked pulling over… So when we finally got our packs off the bike, rain covers over bags and a rain jacket on, it was just too late.
The next bit of riding took us so much longer than planned; we stopped in Tifton instead of Atlanta, but were so greatful for a hot shower at the Microtel and a dryer for most of our clothes. 🙂
I wish I could have taken some photos of the little creeks and blossoming flowers on GA-333; the scenery is awesome… but the cold feels like it soaks through your skin, stiffens your muscles and rots your bones 😛 so no camping just yet.
There will be sunny, smiley photos, on other days.

Ps marelise gets The cushy backseat and i absorb all the rain and windchill up front. No bueno on a motorcycle. – kiernan