Road Trip Wishlist!


This is a link to all of the points we really want to visit in our USA road trip, though we know some of them will need to be shaved off, just because of time and transportation constraints. It has been so interesting and exciting organizing a road trip by motorcycle, however road accessibility would not have been such a big consideration in the past. It has become very clear that not only are we planning to drive shorter distances each day than we would have been comfortable doing in a car, we also need to be more prepared for road conditions such as whether it’s dirt or gravel, not to mention monuments and parks that are now closed to us because of 4WD limitations.

That said we will still try to visit as many of these points as possible. There is a boondocking website we have been using a lot in our planning: as well as a website where we can look up scenic drives on our way: America’s Byways.

If anyone reading this post knows anything interesting, off-the-beaten-path or just something you feel like sharing about any of these waypoints, feel free to leave a comment, or send us an email.